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Prayer Letter May 11, 2007

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Dear Friends,                                                             March 20, 2007


Praise God!!  Since my last letter to you, God has provided legal counsel and I am now fully represented on all levels.  Please keep these dedicated Christian attorneys in your prayers.  They are working around the clock to fight for justice, not only mine but the entire country’s as well.  


Thank you for your continuing prayers.  I have received encouraging e-mails from many of you.  Thank you!  Please continue to pray as we approach tomorrows Virginia Appellate Court oral argument against accepting the
Vermont court order as valid.   In a nut- shell, our argument will be that Judge Prosser in the Frederick County Circuit Court was correct in 2004 when ruling that
Virginia and not
Vermont has jurisdiction in my legal case.  Furthermore,
Virginia based on their strong marriage between one woman and one-man law cannot accept a custody order between two women who were engaged in a civil union.  Today,
Virginia has one more law on her books- the state constitution, which states that marriage, or ANYTHING that purports a marriage (including my civil union) can be only between one man and one woman.


The Lord has forgiven me of my past sin of homosexuality.  He has graciously protected my daughter and me as I continue to fight my legal battle to raise my daughter without visitation or transfer of custody to my former civil union partner, Janet.  However, the battle continues to wage in two states.  



1.                  At the last minute, Janet has refused to appear for her deposition on March 19, 2007.

2.                  Janet is trying to block my deposition from appearing in court on April 2-6, 2007.    I am scheduled for a video -taped deposition in
Winchester for March 26, 2007.

3.                  I am unable to travel to
Vermont to the hearing on April 2-6 due to many reasons, which are stated in an affidavit to the Rutland Family Court in
Rutland Vermont.

4.                  If my deposition is blocked by the courts then my testimony will not appear that week anywhere, at all, in the course of the trail.   My rights as a biological mother will be trampled on and they will try to sway the judge that I am not a fit mother.   They also seek a non-compliance arrest warrant for me, which they will not hesitate to use if the Virginia Appellate Court does not rule in my favor. 


What is happening now? 

Janet continues to ask for transfer of custody.  Tomorrow, Wednesday March 21, 2007, she will ask the Virginia Court of Appeals to reverse Judge Prosser’s 2004 decision that Virginia can not accept the out of state court order due to Virginia’s strong marriage between one man and one woman law.  Friends, this same court ruled earlier this year that
Vermont and not
Virginia has jurisdiction.  This vote tomorrow is not only the pivotal point of my case, but the determining factor for
Virginia opening her borders to homosexual relationships.  If these judges rule that Virginia can accept Vermont’s out of state court order then my daughter and other children will not safe!  My daughter, who on her own accepted Jesus last year, will be forced to reside in a home where homosexuality and other such sins run rampant.  She will not continue to grow up in a home guided by God’s principles and by God as headship.  Janet has been quoted that my Christian principles are not in alignment with her principles for living. 


Please pray without ceasing and if possible with fasting, (Matthew 17: 21; Ester 4:14-17, 31; Joel 1:14; II Chronicles 20:1-4), for God to do the following:


1.      Hand- pick three different judges from our previous appearance at this court:

These judges must be God-fearing and justice seeking according to our Virginia State Laws which states that Virginia will not recognize any out of state civil union,  partnership which purports a relationship between same-sex couples or an marriage between same-sex couples.  The previous Appellate judges ignored our Virginia state laws and ruled in Vermont’s favor, this creating the possibility of allowing same-sex unions and benefits to these couples to occur in Virginia. 


2.      Wisdom, strength, health, and safety for all the lawyers involved in this case.  

Rena, will be the attorney who will complete the oral argument tomorrow morning.


3.      God to be glorified through this entire court case.  He has the power to change



4.      My daughter’s continued protection and safety so that she can continue to be

raised by me, her biological mom,  in a Christian home and by me, the mom that God gave her. 


Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.    I strongly believe that now is the time for all Christians to stand and fight for God’s rights.   He can use my legal case and be glorified through its outcome. 


Joyfully Serving Christ,


Lisa Miller

Matthew 7:7-11